Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG

Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG
Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG
Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG
Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG
Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG

Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG

Miniatures may be Lead or White metal, some parts may be plastic or resin. Items will be carefully and professionally packaged in bubble wrap and sent in a Jiffy bag.

The picture shows the standard of the item that you will receive, likely not the actual one that you will receive. The picture may show a painted item so you can see what the figure can look like with time and effort. Any lead rot, it's binned. Additional pictures may show the reverse of item but you only get one of what is shown in the main listing picture. If additional pictures show other items then they will be included. The listing may state "Dwarf 7 Dwarf Dwarves" this means that the original catalogue description was Dwarf 7 and the other descriptors are so people searching can find what they want.

Please read full description for exactly what you will receive though, and please be aware that bases are usually not included unless shown in the picture. Item received may be darker than shown, as the camera flash can make the item look brighter. Sorry, but I don't take offers on the price.

Not that I'm big business, it's just me in the back room. I do not sell fakes/copies. I wouldn't want to be ripped off myself, and wouldn't rip off others.

I've been in contact with Games Workshop in the past, for their advice over this, I will report people who do, and will continue to do so. People who do so are stealing, and make peoples collections worthless.

If you see it, report it. Also some mobile device Apps don't allow it as they show less options on the page, if you use a PC, then it likely will. PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE LEAVING ANY BAD FEEDBACK. Items are sent out the same or the next day. Unfortunately I have no control over rare postal delays, please be mindful of this if leaving low star ratings.

Check out my shop for quality, hard to find, original items available worldwide. The shop links in this part of the listing will show more items for sale than other links or shop icons elsewhere on this page. SHOP LINK: Hygienic Porridge Miniature Emporium. Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG. Written by Matthew Sprange for Mongoose Publishing under licence of Rebellion A/C 3 Sept. Product Dimensions: 28.4 x 21.3 x 1.7 cm. Stainless steel covered Limited edition Judge Dredd roleplaying rule book. A few scratches on the surface, likely from when made.

It also shows up fingerprints very well, as it's a stainless steel shiny surface. There were only 200 limited books made. I originally thought that these were not numbered, and the only difference between the limited, and the standard D20 core rulebook was the metal cover, but I have seen them signed. There appears to be no special printed numbering in the manufacture but I assume it was Matthew Sprange who signed each copy on the inside front picture of Judge Dredd and included the number out of 200. Would suit collector because for reference when playing a game, I'd advise the standard hardback rules book.

This book is for roleplaying in the Mega City 1 environment (the Big Meg). Published by Mongoose as a hardback book in 2002 under the 3.0 OGL. This product requires the use of the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, which was published by Wizards of the Coast. It uses the d20 system, do not get mixed up with the other Judge Dredd rules book that Mongoose brought out, that uses the Traveller rules system. This is a roleplay game set in Mega City 1 which is a futuristic city with the players taking on the role of law enforcement who are capable of functioning as judge, jury, and executioner.

The publisher states The Judge Dredd roleplaying game is set to take your group into the distopian society of Mega-City One, either as a patrol of disciplined judges, straining to uphold the Law, or as a gang of perps, criminals bent on dominating entire sectors with their greed. Supported by a wide range of rules supplements and sourcebooks, there is no better introduction into the world of Judge Dredd. Roleplaying inspired from the iconic 2000 AD comic book story that started in issue two (Prog 2), back in 1977.

Created by the writer John Wagner with the artist Carlos Ezquerra and editor Pat Mills the weekly comic was known as a prog and watched over by Tharg the alien editor. It was later brought out in annuals and the Megazine. If you want miniatures for the game, then Mongoose produce their own as have various other companies. Games Workshop Citadel had the licence for a short period and produced a large range of some of the best metal miniatures for the Judge Dredd genre. Some of the range are notoriously hard to find. The Slaughter Margin set was only available direct from GW, although some of the set were available separately in other lines. They started to come out in 1985, and ceased in 1987.

Some of them do not have clear dates on the slotta, as some bright spark decided to do it in Roman numerals! So some from 1985 will instead say MCMLXXXV on them. Personally I'm happy that they gave up on that idea!! These really are an excellent range, and substantially covered a good cross section of a Mega City population for what you'd need to play a game.

Mutants (Muties), Perps, Fatties, Uglies, Kleggs and of course Judges bringing the law. GW also brought out board Games such as Block Mania and also the Roleplaying game. Mongoose Publishing now have a licence and have their own Roleplay game (Check their site for the free rule set) and miniature line.

I collect them as well, and they are good, but just seem a little too "clean" compared to the older GW miniatures. Also they are a slightly larger scale, which is a shame, as they don't quite fit in. These miniatures really had some exceptional detail on them, especially the Judges badges and gloves. Surprising just how good they could get a moulding in lead. Unfortunately, due to them being in lead, the Judges Lawgivers barrel is often broken off.

Due to the design (from the original comic) and lead being soft, they are just so weak. Some excellent painted versions can be seen here. Unfortunately, due to new E-Bay policies, I have had to remove all the detailed description and collectors information that I showed on this item for sale here. Terrible shame as this consisted of thousands of hours of research and typing up.

In the description I showed great painted artwork, pictures and the original catalogue pages to encourage people to paint and get involved in the hobby. I also gave incredibly detailed information on the history of the particular genre, be it Games Workshops Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WHFB), Warhammer 40,000 (40K), Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) or other. Terrible shame as I wanted to make that small part of my shop here a collectors page, full reference and area for people to learn about the history, background stories, what was produced and in what year. Basically everything about the era and miniatures that were produced during it.

Unfortunately thats just not possible to do here on E-Bay. So Ive had to take measures. The new E-Bay policy did not allow people to leave E-Bay to see the information I mention above, elsewhere, even though elsewhere was not a sales platform and all my sales were through E-Bay.

I just wanted to show the catalogue pages, individual parts, how the items were put together and the finished item. As I said, personally it was easier for to delete the entire description, rather than just the small parts that were an issue.

Im sure youll find the main bulk of that information (which is allowed) elsewhere, it was just easier for me personally to remove it from my shop on this platform. I only post to the invoice address. Item is in good condition, unless otherwise stated. If there is an issue, then please contact to discuss, prior to leaving poor feedback. This is not a children's toy.

It is a collectable for adults and is not recommended for young children under the age of 14 years old. Use of the product is at the users own risk, who by purchasing accepts responsibility from the point of receipt.

CHOKING HAZARD , may contain small parts. Please be aware that the items, and the packaging that they are received in, are a choking hazard and may restrict breathing.

They may pose a DANGER OF SUFFOCATION so please either store or dispose of packaging carefully. Do not ingest and keep away from small children.

Items received may contain Lead and other metals, do not place in the mouth or swallow as it may be harmful if eaten or chewed. Store carefully as items may be a slip, trip or fall hazard. The item "Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG" is in sale since Thursday, November 23, 2017. This item is in the category "Toys & Games\Wargames & Role-Playing\Role-Playing\Science Fiction". The seller is "hygienicporridge" and is located in Portsmouth,, Hampshire. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Judge Dredd 2000 AD Mongoose Limited Edition D20 Core Roleplaying Rule Book RPG