Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games

Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games
Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games

Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games

These are all out of print now. Some of the books have been used at the gaming table a few times, but most were never used. Included in the Lot are. Game Master's Kit (Screen and booklet). Learn the dark secrets of smuggling and piracy.

There are vast fortunes to be seized in the void by those bold enough to try. However, to grasp the greatest wealth, they must be willing to flaunt the Imperium's laws and defy the God-Emperor himself. Study the laws of Koronus Expanse and Calixis Sector to see which laws a Rogue Trader can break, and which ones may break him in turn. Research the lucrative Cold-Trade in alien artifacts. Enhance your characters with a host of new Alternate Career Ranks, including the daring Swashbuckler, the calculating Cold Trade Broker, the bloodthirsty Reaver, and the mysterious House Operative.

Construct the ultimate adversary to foil your players with new Nemesis Origin Path. This book contains detailed information on running a crime focused game. Book is in excellent condition, minor shelf wear and corner wear.

Rogue Trader: Edge of the Abyss. The vast darkness of the Expanse brims with legends and secrets. Within this book are rare bits of truth, bought with countless lives. Armed with this priceless knowledge, plot your own course to adventure and profit.

Detailed descriptions of the Expanse's famous worlds allow players and GMs to plan new Endeavors and adventures. Fight across the frozen surface of Lucin's Breath, plunder the Egarian maze cities, and plumb the secrets of haunted Illisk.

Study, negotiate, and war against the inhabitants of the Expanse; xenos races, the vile forces of Chaos, and monolithic Imperial organizations. Learn of six legendary Rogue Traders, each a potential ally, enemy, or source of valuable information. Play through a complete, full-length adventure that pits Explorers against bloodthirsty xenos and offers the chance to plunder lost atrefacts of the Egarian Dominion. Book is in excellent condition. Minor shelf wear and denting on corner.

Rogue Trader: Faith and Coin. It is a Rogue Trader's duty to assist in expanding the Imperial Creed across the stars, aiding missionaries as they wander from world to forgotten world. Missionaries sow these seeds of faith, and in turn, Rogue Traders reap the profits. Discover the histories of famous missionaries in the Koronus Expanse and undertake new Endeavours to spread the Imperial Creed, seek out forgotten relics, and vanquish the enemies of humanity.

Wield the fires of faith against the Emperor's foes with new Alternate Career Ranks, sanctified weapons, and potent wargear. Finally, follow in the footsteps of legendary missionaries of the Expanse and delve ino the lost Tomb of Saint Cognatius to unearth its ancient treasures and dark secrets in the adventure The Sacred Heart. This book contains the resources required to convert lost populations, recover sacred relics, and smite deadly heretics in the Koronus Expanse. Book has not been used and is in excellent condition except for a small rip in the back cover of the book along the spine.

Rogue Trader: The Koronus Bestiary. All manner of deadly beasts, hostile xeons, unholy daemons, and other dangers fill the uncharted regions of the Koronus Expanse. A Rogue Trader must be able to overcome these threats in order to rise in power and glory, but the first step is always to know one's foes. From the enigmatic Eldar to the ferocious Orks, alien races seek to halt Mankind's rightful rule of the galaxy. Monsters such as Shadowkith and Thornmaws terrorise planets, while Void Krakens lurk in the depths of space.

Malevolent daemons escape the warp in search of souls to devour. In addition to these beasts and monsters, this book includes a Xenos Generator for creating even more unique species and alien civilizations. Book is in excllent condition. Rogue Trader: The Navis Primer. Traverse the Warp with the powers of the mind.

The Warp is a nightmarish domain, filled with insanity made manifest and ethereal predators hungry for souls. Yet it is thes shadowy realm that a Rogue Trader must tread to seek fame and fortune amongst the stars. Reveal the secret history and powers of the Navigator Houses of the Koronus Expanse and discover the Astropath Voidfrost and Soul Ward Disciplines. Unleash the unpredictable might of the Waagh! With the Ork Weirdboy Career Path, and uncover new Warp-touched powers, Alternate Career Ranks, and Elite Advances for Explorers of all kinds. Guide vessels and messages through the Immaterium with expanded rules for navigation and astrotelepathic communication, and face terrifying new hazards and foes from the depths of the Expanse. Powerful ships duel in the darkness of space. Beyond the gates of the Maw, savage enemies raise arms against the Imperium. Rogue Traders, backed by the might of the Imperial Navy, must arm their vessels to wrest fortunes from their enemies in bloody warfare.

New rules and components allow Explorers to man some of the Expanse's most powerful warships. Take the helm of grand cruisers and battlecruisers and decimate your foes with torpedo salvos, attack craft wings, and fearsome Nova Cannons. Learn of the Imperial Navy and its squadrons in the Koronus Expanse, the famed Battlefleet Koronus.

Their ships can prove useful allies, or powerful enemies. Then study the dread warships of vile xenos races and villainous Chaos reavers, the better to know and destroy your foes. Rules for NPC starships and squadron operations make space combat easier to run than eve before. Plus, rules for waging ground wars allow you to fight entire campaigns to the final blows. Rogue Trader: Game Master's Kit.

This lavish Game Master's Kit helps keep a Rogue Trader's profitable endeavours on track. Behind the sturdy screen, the GM can hide dice rolls and keep players from reading his notes.

Printed on the GM's side are numerous handy quick reference charts that make running the game that much easier. Added to this is a 32 page full color booklet with a complete adventure, NPC starship generator, and new charts for generating unexplored star systems.

Open and used a few times, but in excellent condition. Rogue Trader: Stars of Inequity. Explore new worlds beyond the Emperor's light. The depths of the Koronus Expanse are home to countless glimmering stars. To be a Rogue Trader is to reach out towards these points of light, to brave their untold perils and grasp the peerless wealth they promise.

Discover strange and deadly new realms with the World Generator, a system to assist Game Masters in crafting unique systems and planets filled with terrible risks and unmatched potential for profit. Descend to explore the surfaces of shadowy worlds and brave the dangers of lethal jungles, forgotten ruins, crashed voidships, xenos hives, and more. Use the Colony Creation rules to construct, expand, and control your own outposts on the lost an forgotten worlds of the Koronus Expanse. This book contains the resources required to delve into the unknown and discover the shrouded corners of the Koronus Expanse. Book is in excellent condition, minor shelf wear.

There are vast fortunes to be seized in the void by those Rogue Traders bold enough to try. Study the laws of the Koronus Expanse and Calixis Sector to see which laws a Rogue Trader can break, and which ones may break him in turn.

Research the lucrative Cold Trade in alien artefacts. Construct the ultimate adversary to foil your players with the new Nemesis Origin Path. Roleplaying in the Grim Darkness of the 41st millennium. You are an Explorer, part of a proud dynasty of privateering mechant princes known as Rogue Traders. You are empowered by an ancient warrant of trade to seek out profit and plunder amongst unexplored regions of space. You will discover forgotten mysteries, find lost human worlds, and behold sights never before seen by human eyes. You must survive the dangers of space, not only the threat of vacuum, cold, and deadly radiation, but the things that lurk in the dark void between stars that Man was never meant to find.

Fast character creation to get you into the game quickly, including a lifetime of possibilities with an extensive Origin Path system. Dynamic rules for all eventualities let you handle everything from social interaction and earning profit to deadly combats, starships, and psychic powers. Comprehensive background on Rogue Traders, written by Warhammer 40,000 novelist and GW Design Studio member Andy Hoare. Begin your players' path to wealth and glory with a complete starting adventure that puts the Explorers right into the middle of the action.

Rogue Trader: Into the Storm. A host of new character options allow for increased personalization with the new expanded Origin Path and Alternate Career Ranks.

Plus, play a character from beyond the Imperium with two all new xenos Careers, the Ork Freebooter and the Kroot Mercenary. Vehicle rules add a new dimension to gameplay and expand possibilities for adventure. Explore uncharted worlds in a Rhino APC or dominate your foes from the cockpit of a Fury starfighter. Gain access to extensive new armoury of weapons, armour, and gear wrested from alien races or rediscovered from humanity's dark past, or augment yourself with new psychic powers for Astropaths and Navigators.

These pages contain everything needed to build and equip a unique Rogue Trader and his crew. Rogue Trader: The Soul Reaver.

For centuries, the Dark Eldar have raided the Koronus Expanse from a secret city within the fractured corridors of the webway. Now, a spurned Archon has set her eyes on taking this wicked haven, and she seeks the help of powerful Rogue Traders to claim the ultimate prize: the Nexus of Shadows. This volume is also introduces a deadly new Career Path, the Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior, plus a host of vicious weapons, devices, and vehicles to inflict untold heights of terror upon anyone foolish enough to stand between you and your goals. Rogue Trader: Lure of the Expanse. Inside this tome are three adventures set amongst the unexplored stars beyond the Imperium. Wealth and glory await those with th courage to venture into the far reaches of the Koronus Expanse. Eye of the Needle - The Explores travel to the perilous port of Footfall to learn of a dark prophecy of long lost riches. The Heathen Trail - On the path of uncountable riches, the Explores must cross the wild tracts of the Heathen Stars. Threats abound, but can the Explorers transform danger into rewards? The World Beyond - The Explorers discover the location of the legendary treasure world.

Now, can they prevail agaisnt a host of enemies? Rogue Trader: The Frozen Reaches. In this adventure, the world of Damaris prospers in th Koronus Expanse against all odds. Now, the Freebooter fleets of the Orks approach, and the world calls for aid. Prepare a planet's defences as the Ork fleets close in on Damaris.

However, those defenses are split between three powerful individuals, each with their own schemes and plots. Fight the xenos in space aboard the bridge of you starship, or meet the bloody Orks in brutal hand to hand combat on the ground. The choices you make ensure success, or guarantee defeat. Choose wisely, and reap the rewards of your victory. The first installment of the Epic Warpstone adventure trilogy.

Suitable for players of all levels. Rogue Trader: Citadel of Skulls. In this adventure, a once-prosperous colony lies silent. The only survivor holds the key to a legendary treasure upon a world of the damned. Explore the lost colony of Chorda's Folly and delve deeper into the central mystery of the Warpstone trilogy.

Sneak, fight, or talk your wary into the Citadel of Skulls and retrieve an ancient prize from the clutches of Chaos reavers. The second installment of the epic Warpstone adventure trilogy. A lost Eldar Craftworld has begun, a dark voyage of death and disaster, and only the Rogue Traders of the Koronus Expanse stand in the way of its rampage. This book is the conclusion to an iconic and epic trilogy of Rogue Trader adventures. Courageous Rogue Traders must journey into a perilous realm of madness and ancient hate.

The fate of the Koronus Expanse hangs in the balance. From Footfall to the Serpent's Cradle and beyond, the Rogue Traders must make common cause with allies old and new if they are to survive.

The heretic fleet of the Faceless Lord seeks to claim the Craftworld's power... Can you survive the exciting conclusion to the Warpstone Trilogy?

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Rogue Trader Rpg Lot (Every Book) Warhammer 40K Fantasy Flight Games