Temperance Brennan Collection Kathy Reichs 13 books Deja Dead Death Du Jour, AU

Temperance Brennan Collection Kathy Reichs 13 books Deja Dead Death Du Jour, AU

Temperance Brennan Collection Kathy Reichs 13 books Deja Dead Death Du Jour, AU

The meticulously dismembered body of a woman is discovered in the grounds of an abandoned monastery. Too decomposed for standard autopsy. Enter Dr Temperance Brennan, Director of Forensic Antrhopology for the province of Quebec, who has been researching recent disappearances in the city. Despite the deep cynicism of Detective Claudel who head the investigation, Brennan is convinced that a serial killer is at work.

Her forensic expertise finally convinces Claudel, but only after the body count has risen.. Tempe takes matters into her own hands, but her determined probing places those closest to her in mortal danger. Can Tempe make her crucial breakthrough before the killer strikes again? My God, how many such days would there be? On a bitterly cold March night in Montreal, forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan is exhuming the remains of a nun proposed for sainthood in the grounds of an old church. Just hours later, Tempe is called to the scene of an horrific arson. A young family has perished, and there seems to be no witness, no motive, no explanation. From the charred remains of the inferno, to a trail of sinister cult activity and a terrifying showdown during an ice storm, Tempe faces a nerve-shattering test of both her forensic expertise and her instinct for survival. Violence is escalating, and spilling on to the streets of Montreal. A nine-year-old girl is killed in crossfire on her way to ballet class. The body of a teenager killed in North Carolina is found hundreds of miles away. An exhumation uncovers the bones of another innocent in a clandestine grave close to a biker gang headquarters. With her boss in hospital and sparring partner Detective Andrew Ryan mysteriously unavailable, Tempe alone begins a perilous investigation into the lawless underworld of organised crime..

A plane crashes high in the mountains of North Carolina. But a severed foot is discovered a good distance from the crash site.. Forensic anthropologist Dr Temperence Brennan is first on the scene. The task that confronts her is a sad and sickening one, and her investigation seems to be throwing up more questions than answers.

But when Tempe makes a discovery that raises dangerous questions, her professional standing is threatened. Convinced that another corpse lies in the woods, Tempe pits herself against a conspiracy of silence, and uncovers a shocking tale of deceit and depravity.. In the searing heat of Guatemala, Dr Temperance Brennan excavates the remains of a two-year-old child from a site that is said to contain the bodies of twenty-three women and children. Shaken by the discovery, Tempe tries to harden herself against the horrors that she finds.

And then four young girls go missing from Guatemala City.. When a skeleton is found in a septic tank at the back of a rundown hotel, only someone with Tempeâs expertise can deduce who the victim was and how they died.

But her path is blocked at every turn. It would seem that some people would prefer that Guatemalaâs âdisappearedâ stay buried.

And others want the missing girls kept the same wayâ¦. It's a summer of record-breaking heat in Charlotte, North Carolina and Dr Temperance Brennan is looking forward to her first vacation in years. She's almost out the door when the bones start appearing. First there's the newborn skeleton found in a wood stove.

Who put the baby there? The mother, hardly more than a child herself, has disappeared.

Next, a small plane flies into a rock face on a sunny afternoon. Both pilot and passenger are burned beyond recognition, their bodies covered with a strange black substance. What sinister mission might the two have been on? Most puzzling is a cache of bones unearthed in a remote corner of the county.

Some animal, some human, the bones are enough to keep Tempe busy for a long time. All the pieces of the mystery seem to lead back to an isolated farm.

But what happened there and who will be the next victim? Tempe must find the answers by teasing secrets from the bones - if only she can decipher them in time-A superb new thriller from the number one bestselling author of Grave Secrets.

Tempe Brennan has come to Montreal from Charlotte in early December to testify as an expert witness at a trial. As Forensic Anthropologist for the province of Quebec, that's part of her job. She should be going over her notes, but she's freezing her behind off instead, digging in the basement of a pizza parlour. Not with all the rats. And, now, the skeletonised earthly remains of three people, three young women. How did they get there? Homicide detective Luc Claudel, never Tempe's greatest fan, believes the bones are historic. Not his case, not his concern. The pizza parlour owner, the Prince of Pizza as Claudel calls him, found some 19th century buttons with the skeletons, another indicator of the bones' probable age. But Tempe has her doubts. Something doesn't make sense. She'll look at the bones in her lab and do Carbon 14 testing to establish approximate age. And she can amyse the tooth enamel to tell approximately where the women were born. If she's right, Claudel has three recent murders on his hands. Detective Andrew Ryan, meanwhile, is acting mysterious. Looks like more nights at home for Tempe with a good book and Birdie, the cat. As Tempe searches for answers in both her personal and professional lives, she finds herself drawn deeper into a web of evil from which there may be no escape. Women have disappeared, never to return... ÂDeath by self-inflicted gunshot wound to the headâ is the on-scene assessment, but the victimâs relatives are adamant in their rejection of suicide as an explanation. Discovered in a closet, a full week after death, the body is barely recognisable. Extreme heat has accelerated decomposition, and Dr Temperance Brennanâs forensic expertise is required.

Advanced putrefaction has made it virtually impossible to determine the trajectory of the bullet. But just as Tempe is attempting to make sense of the fracture patterning, an unknown man slips her a photograph of a skeleton, telling her it holds the answer to the victimâs deathâ¦. Detective Andrew Ryan is also on the case and, as his relationship with Tempe heats up, together they follow the trail of clues all the way to Israel.

In the Holy Land, with the help of Jacob Drum, a biblical archaeologist and old friend, Tempe becomes involved in an international mystery as old as Jesus, a mystery that could rewrite 2000 years of religious history. Could one of the tombs really be Christâs last resting place? And are the bones in the ancient ossuary the last remnants of James, the brother of Jesus, as its inscription claims? But the further Tempe probes into the identity of the ancient skeleton, the more she seems to be putting herself in dangerâ¦.

Itâs the second-to-last day of archaeological field school. Dr Temperance Brennanâs students are working on a site of prehistoric graves on Dewees, a barrier island north of Charleston, South Carolina, when a decomposing body is uncovered in a shallow grave off a lonely beach. The skeleton is articulated, the bone fresh and the vertebrae still connected by soft-tissue; the remains are encased in rotted fabric and topped by wisps of pale, blond hair â a recent burial, and a case Tempe must take. Dental remains and skeletal gender and race indicators suggest that the deceased is a middle-aged white male â but who was he? Why was he buried in a clandestine grave?

And what does the unusual vertical hairline fracture of the sixth cervical vertebrae signify? While Tempe is trying to piece together the evidence, her personal life is thrown into turmoil. When a bullet â intended, perhaps, for her â puts Tempeâs estranged husband Pete in hospital, her unexpectedly emotional response complicates her on-off relationship with Detective Andrew Ryan. But before long, another body is discovered â and Tempe finds herself drawn deeper into a shocking and chilling investigation, set to challenge her entire view of humanityâ¦.

Under the microscope, the outer bone surface is a moonscape of cratersâ¦. Cortical destruction on a metacarpal. Postmortem destruction, either purposeful or natural? A combination of the above?

I donât have a diagnosisâ¦â. The skeleton is that of a young girl, no more than fourteen years old â and forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan is struggling to keep her emotions in check. Coroner Yves Bradette is being evasive, insisting the bones are ancient and of no interest. But it doesnât quite add up, and a frustrated Tempe is convinced that Bradette is hiding somethingâ¦.

Itâs not Tempeâs case; sheâs overwhelmed with more urgent work in the lab⦠But the nagging in her subconscious wonât let up. A memory triggered, deep in her hindbrain â the disappearance of a childhood friend; no warning, no explanationâ¦. Working on instinct, Tempe takes matters into her own hands. But she couldnât have predicted where this case would lead, or the horrors it would eventually uncoverâ¦Can Tempe maintain a professional distance as the past catches up with her in this, her most deeply personal case yet?

An underground chamber is exposed in a seedy, dilapidated house with sagging trim and peeling paintâ¦. In the dark cellar, a ritualistic display is revealed. A human skull rests on a cauldron, surrounded by slain chickens and bizarre figurines.

Beads and antlers dangle overhead. Called to the scene is forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan. Bony architecture suggests that the skull is that of a young, black female. But how did she die? Then, just as Tempe is working to determine post-mortem interval, another body is discovered: a headless corpse carved with Satanic symbols.

As citizen vigilantes, blaming Devil-worshippers, begin a witch-hunt, intent on revenge, Tempe struggles to keep her emotions in check. But the truth she eventually uncovers proves more shocking than even she could have imaginedâ¦. ÂYou have an enemy, Dr Brennan. It is in your interest to learn who placed that call. A routine case turns sinister when Dr Temperance Brennan is accused of mishandling the autopsy of a missing heiress. Someone has made an incriminating accusation that she missed or concealed crucial evidence. Before Tempe can get to the one man with information, he turns up dead.

The heiress isnât the only elderly female to have appeared on Tempeâs gurney recently. Back in Montreal, three more women have died, their bodies brutally discarded. Tempe is convinced thereâs a link between their deaths and that of the heiress. But what â or who â connects them? Tempe struggles with the clues, but nothing adds up.

Has she made grave errors or is some unknown foe sabotaging her? It soon becomes frighteningly clear. Itâs not simply Tempeâs career at risk. Her life is at stake too.

Dr Temperance Brennan spends her life working amongst the decomposed, the mutilated and the skeletal. So the two-days-dead body she is called to examine holds little to surprise her. Until she discovers that the man is John Lowery, an ex-soldier who was apparently killed in Vietnam in 1968. So who is buried in Lowery's grave. The case takes Tempe to the heart of the American military, where she must examine the remains of anyone who may have had a connection to the drowned man. It's a harrowing task, but it pays off when she finds Lowery's dog tags amongst the bones of a long-dead soldier. As Tempe unravels the tangled threads of the soldiers' lives and deaths, she realises there are some who would rather the past stayed dead and buried. And when she proves difficult to frighten, they turn their attention to the one person she would give her life to protect. The item "Temperance Brennan Collection Kathy Reichs 13 books Deja Dead Death Du Jour, AU" is in sale since Friday, September 19, 2014.

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Temperance Brennan Collection Kathy Reichs 13 books Deja Dead Death Du Jour, AU